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It's not easy writing entertaining episodes involving breezies

Apparently. Because this episode was pretty bad.

I guess it wasn't... horrible horrible, but...


Let's see...

There was the introduction of the premise, which was horrible.
The cheering, which was okay.
Spike in the crowd which was horrible.
The Leaf Incident, which was horrible.
Fluttershy's rescue, which was... yeah, kind of horrible.
The breezies evicting all the animals was okay.
Seabreeze was actually pretty cool.
The endless back and forth and back and forth wasting time elaborating how the breezies were wasting time was pretty awful.
Seabreeze vs. the bees was decent.
Twilight's species changing spell was WTF.
The scene in Paradise was... perfunctory. Some of the dialog was especially awful. "We'd better hurry! The entrance, well, the exit for us, is about to close any second now!"
Griffon Dash was neat. n.n But they didn't actually do it. And I bet they never will. And the crushing disappointment will make me RAGE!

Yeah, 1/3.
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