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Lightning Strikes Twice


I played some more of Lightning Returns and:
(a) Found out how you get money -- little 'medals' appear randomly scattered on the ground and you can sell them.
(b) I completed a few quests and got another day added.
(c) I failed at a whoooole bunch more quests, including two different main quests. One was 'explore the city and find the codes written on walls'. I'm pretty sure I looked at every wall in the city twice, but obviously I didn't because I only found one code out of four. Then, I went to the grasslands and got butt-raped by all sorts of monsters until I staggered up to the white chocobo and got devoured repeatedly by a chocobo eater.

Obviously, I should have played this on 'easy' difficulty, because I *can't kill the fucking monsters* that spawn alllll the fucking time. As in, after you kill them they respawn before you can move out of their spawn radius.

I kept track, and during the course of the day I got a total of 1.9 EP or so from fighting dozens and dozens of monsters. That's almost, but not quite, enough to heal yourself once. It's just not worth fighting them at all. x.x
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