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I don't know, this episode used a bit too many clichés to be really enjoyable. It didn't have anything especially wrong with it but it was kind of blah.

Specifically, it used the same contrivance as Spike at your Service, where when trying to impress Applejack, Applebloom suddenly turns into an incredible clutz. Is Applejack's earth pony magic expressed through a massive jinx field that makes her look competent by sabotaging everypony around her?

Probably not in general, but in these episodes it sure seemed like it.

On the other hand, the babyproofing was kind of amusing, and the double-helmet was a nice touch. The 'did she at least bring fireproof boots? A snake charming flute? A lion taming chair?' schtick actually worked -- it sounded like she was listing nonsense items but those were what you needed to fight the chimera that guarded the fire swamp.

...I didn't like the chimera. The design was kind of eh and its movements and stuff were not interesting. Compared to the Timberwolves in Spike at your Service, it was just pathetic. Not from an 'is this monster powerful' standpoint (although yes, also from that standpoint) but from 'is this monster fun to watch'.

And the whole scene after they delivered the pies was kind of meh, especially the part where Applejack and Applebloom were taking and there was just no chemistry or pacing or -- it was just not an interesting conversation to listen to, and it didn't even seem realistic. Also, it repeated itself, saying the same thing several times with slightly different wording, repetitively.

So... yeah. I have to give it 1/3. Even though I liked it more than the breezy episode, it was still mostly bad. It also put me to sleep on the second watching, during the big climactic action scene. That's never a good sign.
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