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Daylight Savings

Apparently, my alarm clock updates itself automatically for daylight savings time. This is good, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed, unless I checked the clock on my computer or something of course. I did have to set my watch and the car's clock manually, and those are the things I look at most often.

So, yeah. I was completely blindsided by losing an hour, so why did I still wake up 10 minutes before my alarm was about to go off?

In other news, over the weekend, I wrote yet another short MLP one-shot for the EQD writing prompt. It's sort of an alt-script for the episode, mostly making fun of the really lame monster. And by 'lame', I mean literally handicapped. Seriously. It has to coordinate its attacks between its heads *verbally* and Applebloom gets away as a direct result, although that wasn't really obvious until I wrote this story making fun of it by having it work that way and then was like OH MY GOD ITS SO TRUE.

Poor monster. Very poor. I give it an F for effort.
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