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A man breaks into your house, while you're arguing with your wife. He knocks you to the ground, then pushes her up against the wall and holds a gun to her head.

"YOU ARE MINE," he snarls at her.

"Get away from her," you protest, trying to get to your feet, but his blow staggered you and you know you won't be able to accomplish anything in time. Besides, he is armed.

"She is mine," he says, in a quieter voice. "She was mine before she was yours, and she should never have been yours. You've been abusing her." He turns to her, and says, "You agree, don't you? I will let you choose. Stay with him, or come with me." He smiles, and lifts the gun from her head and points it at the ceiling. "I promise not to shoot you, no matter which you choose," he says, still grinning, his eyes wild.

She leaves with him. How should society react?
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