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Leap of Fake

Well, yesterday's episode was better than last week's. The ending fell kind of flat and got really preachy, though.

The aquabatics stuff was kind of weird, but sort of realistic as to what a fairly in-shape old lady could manage.

Flim and Flam were totally faking the benefits of their tonic, but for all that they were selling it cheap enough that nopony was probably going to be *that* mad at being fooled. 3 bits per bottle of green-tinted applejuice is expensive, but along the lines of what Applejack was charging for cider, and later on they were selling it cheaper. If you go in any grocery store you'll see stuff that's almost as much of a scam, although truth in advertising laws keep them from claiming that it would cure specific diseases.

Also... Flim and Flam are totally Apple Family. Probably got kicked out for being shysters and/or unicorns, but yeah.

We already kind of know Granny Smith is an unreliable narrator, and stubborn enough to refuse to admit it, even to the point of trying to fight an Ursa Majo... er, I mean, jump into a pie tin from six stories up. I wonder what really happened to end her career?

Finally, Silver Shill. 'Reformed'. His cutie mark is in lying and pretending to be cured, so I am *so sure* that he was being *totally honest* at the end when he said he would never lie again. I suppose he can go into ordinary advertising?

Or maybe... was he suffering from Cutie Mark Failure, because Applejack was a better shill than he was? Is his spate of honesty and pride a total mental breakdown? Nnnng. O.o So confused.

Aaaanyway, I liked the episode, but the moral at the end was so... long. And awful. That I have to mark the whole thing down for it. 2/3.
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