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History Lesson Lesson Lesson

Again! Again!

...right. This episode of My Little Pony pretended to be all about different methods of learning, but it was actually about repeating some random ancient facts over and over and over again until the people watching the show had no choice but to remember them.

I think one of the writers wants to read some fanfic about ancient Wonderbolts. There are a few things that aren't quite plot holes, but that sort of bothered me:

(1) Luna's banishment figured heavily into the lesson. Wasn't her banishment some forgotten myth just a few years ago? I suppose having a new princess is kind of a big deal, and historians would have gotten right on that.

(2) If it's the EUP guard, why does it only have unicorns and pegasi now?

Other little history things:
The Wonderbolts were named after a randomly occurring weather phenomenon during one of their shows.
Rarity inadvertently performed Celestia's favorite maneuver at the young fliers' competition.
After Luna's banishment came the 'Celestial Era of Peace'. Wow, the ancient ponies really didn't like her.
Apparently, until Luna's banishment there was no royal guard. There was probably an army? Maybe? Maybe not?
There was something else but now I can't remember it argh.

... I still insist Granny Smith is an unreliable narrator. This time she's saying she was named after an apple she discovered? ...right. Or are we supposed to believe that Apple Family members are given completely random names that would sound good if apples were named after them? Is Applejack destined to invent booze?

Good parts:
Twilight's sneak attack fail.
Rainbow's chair dance. Especially the animals' reaction to being discovered.
Really, the whole first half of the episode. Spitballs... Fashion Show... that horrible play...

Bad parts:
Too much random worldbuilding that doesn't really accomplish anything and makes the time of Luna's banishment make even less sense!
Pinkie Pie's rap. No, being intentionally bad does not make bad rap not bad.
They repeated the explanation of why Rainbow Dash could learn while flying way too many times.

Argh. I really want to give an episode 3/3 but no, the ending was just too clumsy, so 2/3. Stupid endings.
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