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It's been a while since I posted anything. I've been reading stuff, but I guess I just got into the habit of only posting 'I did this story', 'let's review this episode', etc. I even stopped writing about my D+D games, although I didn't stop playing.

And a couple people from one of them complained that I stopped, which kind of surprised me. I'm not sure I'm going to start that up again. Although I am still writing that My Little Pony fanfic loosely based on one of the campaigns I ran for two different groups, with some situations stolen from other games. It has a bunch of new chapters since the last time I mentioned it here.

rowyn was over to visit last week, which was nice. n.n We didn't do anything really special this time, although we got to visit Tom and play board games with him two days in a row. Terra Mystica was pretty cool. And Cards Against Humanity failed to completely crush my spirit because we only played to three. God I hate that game. x.x

Just with May, we played a bunch of three new expansions.

(1) Ascension -- a tribal expansion, which was much less horrible than the previous two energy-shard expansions.

(2) Eminent Domain -- added a bunch of new techs and worlds, more complicated military stuff (with 'peace treaties' to help out non-military folks), and 'scenarios' where you start with certain techs. This one was also really cool, and we played it the most.

(3) Race For the Galaxy, which added... a sort of side game where you picked up random alien tokens. Only it was really hard to get more tokens than your opponent, and the effects were really, really random. It was kind of disappointing, I think, especially since it replaced the previous expansions instead of being compatible with them, so the main part of the game was back to being just the base game with a few cards.

I guess there was also a random farmer's market we ran into while getting daily coffee + bubble tea. It struck me as kind of expensive, but I guess that's what you get when a farmer's market appears in the middle of Bellevue. And I do still have some of that kettle corn left.

Oh, and Fallen London. Gah. So far that game has driven me insane three times and yesterday it banished me to the tomb colonies which is much less interesting and much more expensive than going insane.

Otherwise... Jurann was going on and on about Mech Warrior Online, so I decided to give it a try since it was free to play. That ate up most of my weekend after May left.

... I am really, really bad at piloting a mech. It probably doesn't help that I only have light and medium mechs and the matches are infested with heavies and assault mechs. Although to be honest I have the worst time against other light mechs. Stop dodging! I'm supposed to be the one dodging!
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