Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

MWO tinkering

So... it turns out... if you don't mount the 11th heat sink on the engine, strip off about a third of the armor, and don't use jump jets (which just got *massively* nerfed and are almost useless now) or AMS, you can fit a 21.5 ton standard 275 engine in a 35 ton Jenner and still have room for six medium lasers. Somehow, going from 113 to 128 speed actually makes people miss me about ten times more. I don't understand it. So, yay?

Basically, since I'm too poor to afford XL engines, I swapped the engines from my already slow Shadow Hawk (went from 80 to 70) and my not-zippy-enough Jenner. I think it improves both mechs although I still think 2/3rds of tonnage == engine is silly.

Or maybe I was lucky and got on good teams when I tried out the new builds. Could go either way.

Now... if I can somehow fit the old Jenner engine in my Raven, and put the even tinier Raven engine in the Shadow Hawk... can I make a Shadow Hawk build with more firepower than the stock Atlas?

... that is a trick question. It already has more firepower than the stock Atlas. I don't know how they make the trial mechs that bad but wow are they bad.
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