Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Since it's been a while...

I've been slowly writing more of the My Little Pony/Pathfinder RPG crossover fanfic. 6 new chapters since I last mentioned it here. It's really an excuse to play Pathfinder solitaire, I guess... and to grumble at the players who went through the same campaign with much less trouble than the Mane 6 are having.

When Chris's druid recklessly charged the 11th level Necromancer, he made all his saving throws and kicked the guy's butt. Rainbow Dash... was not quite as lucky. On the other hand (talon?), she now has +8 AC and a net +2 to-hit?

I've also been playing a lot of MechWarrior Online. I do not know why I enjoy that game. It's the sort of game (pvp shooter) that I usually hate.

I picked Marik as the side to run with because their emblem is a giant purple chicken (or possibly a pink eagle), and tonight someone was complaining that Marik wasn't competitive enough. "I talk to other teams and they say facing Marik groups is like facing a bunch of PUGs." This isn't surprising since every Marik group I've 'dropped' with has been essentially a pick-up-group of whoever happened to be on the teamspeak server. Presumably, when the units actually drop as a unit instead of with random people who happened to pick Marik, they do better?

Or maybe not. At any rate, I'm pretty sure I'm not up for any sort of competitive anything. My kill/death ratio is like 0.37. x.x
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