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Tomb Raidaaaargh

Aside from MWO, I've been playing the new Tomb Raider because I got it for like $2 or something. Maybe $5? It's not really new anymore, but it's the one where she's on an island of crazy people.

God, it is SO ANNOYING. The core gameplay is fine -- the jumping doesn't require split-second timing, and the enemies you fight normally aren't too different. But the quicktime events. ARGH the quicktime events. Yes, I want to watch what should be a cutscene 20 times because there's no logic to the button presses or timing required to do... whatever. Kick a wolf in the face or something.

It also took me about 20 tries (and three deaths) to figure out that the 'dodge' key is what made you drop off a zipline that you were climbing up. 'Down', 'Jump', etc. all made you slide back down it and then automatically jump off at the bottom end. Sometimes I managed to jump off early, but that just dropped me into a bottomless pit. To get off at the top, it's 'dodge'. So logical.

The dialogue is... mixed.

"The copilot's alive! I should go rescue him!"
"No, we should take care of our own."
"But... he's like, right over there. I can see him."
"You need to learn about sacrifice."
"Seriously, it'll take me about five minutes. I've wasted more time searching every nook and cranny for old Japanese dog tags."
"Sacrifice is when you choose to let someone die. Loss is when that choice is made for you."
"Why do I look up to you again?"
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