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Beyond Earth

It's basically Civ 5.

...well, okay, all the details are different, in some significant ways. The aliens that replace barbarians mostly leave you alone. The problem is that the exception to 'mostly' generally involves you losing colonists and workers, so I at least got totally fed up with it and went on a crusade of alien genocide.

The world starts out really hostile, with 'miasma' everywhere that screws up trade routes and poisons your units.

You don't get health from resources; you need to build buildings, mostly.

The tech tree is a tech 'web' with everything cheap in the middle, but the total depth to the edge is something like four. I almost never had to research something just to research something else, unless it was a sub-tech off of one of the web nodes and I needed the node first.

Military advancement mostly comes by increasing 'affinity', which is attached to seemingly random techs all over the place. Specific military techs increase variety instead.

There's also a bunch of quests to complete, including the various victory quests. One is 'kill everyone else'... but the first game I played I won by building a teleport gate back to Earth and conquering it in the name of Skynet.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it'll appeal to exactly the same set of people who liked Civ 5.
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