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Ponies and ponies and... nevermind

Ponies: I put up a new chapter of Pathfinder Ponies, where Twilight realizes she's addicted to mind control, and then they fight some mummies.

Ponies: I picked up a copy of Rainbow Rocks. This time, I couldn't find it at Target, so I had to go next door to Fry's. While there, I tried to find the 3ds games to see if they had better prices than Target had, but I couldn't find them at all. Fry's is really going downhill; most of the shelves are nearly empty.

Nevermind: Um... I was going to say something here. I'm almost certain. BUT WHAT?

Maybe I was going to complain about there being so many moving parts, little things with simple resolutions that I nevertheless have to remember to do, or remember to verify are getting done, that I just can't keep track of it all? Like, I had to go in to work for fifteen minutes this weekend because I forgot one of the twenty-odd random steps to get actual working overnight builds. Or my car's 'check engine' light just turned on again. Or I barely remembered to set the DVR to record the next Agents of Shield (and still have to watch this week's). Or the toothpaste is running out at work again and I should remember to buy some to replace it the next time I'm at the grocery store.

Ugh. x.x I have a vague notion that I should write everything I have to do down in some fashion where I get reminded about the appropriate thing to do when so that I don't have to remember it, but that would just be ONE MORE THING to worry about.
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