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I hate computers. Oh, and some story stuff was posted.

Okay, before I unleash the torrent of whining, I'll mention that I uploaded another two chapters of Pathfinder Ponies, describing the party's foray into a kobold-infested dungeon.

First, A Good Old-fashioned Dungeon, which is mostly about them getting through the first room.

Then, Security Theater, which has them dealing with a trap, and some kobolds.

Okay, complaint time. q:3

Despite being a completely new computer with no hardware or software in common with the old computer, running a different OS and everything, my new desktop still has the random 'sorry, we can't load this website' problem that NO OTHER PIECE OF HARDWARE except for my previous desktop ever had, despite running off the same router at the exact same time. Said other hardware including two windows tablets, a windows laptop, and an ipad.

I've replaced literally everything, and the bug is still happening. I wonder if I should try moving the computer to the other side of the room? @.@

Wait. I haven't replaced the monitor. Or my headphones. Oh! The keyboard! I bet the keyboard is to blame!



MWO is having a challenge this weekend, where you have to get 1 kill and win the game to get a point, and 30 points wins a mech. I played for a couple hours Friday night, and got 8 points. This was encouraging.

After playing for several hours on each of Saturday and Sunday, I now have nine points. Either I get a kill and my team loses, or my team wins and I don't get a kill. In the last match, some jerk decided to deliberately turn around and shoot me, perhaps because my Atlas didn't back up as fast as his Catapult when he decided to reverse down the only narrow ramp and block the chokepoint. Then when I shot back, he had the gall to die from a single hit, and then accuse me loudly of teamkilling him.

No, that doesn't count for the contest.

But yeah, that's sort of why it was the last match. I'm not in the mood to play more MWO right now.


So I installed Starbound's 'unstable' branch to see what new stuff is coming. After a couple hours of play -- including an unfun and infuriating 'mission' where all your crafting and placement stuff was locked and there was only combat, which you had to restart when you died and which blocked further exploration until you completed it -- it crashed. Meaning I lost the entire day's progress, since Starbound doesn't let you save except at the end of a session (so, I could have saved sometime in the middle, but it would have been really annoying because I would have had to quit and restart, and Starbound is not really a fast-booting game).

This is why I don't play betas. WHY DO I KEEP BREAKING THAT RULE? It always ends in pain.
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