Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

More Pathfinder Ponies

Over the weekend, in between playing lots and lots of MWO to try to win a free mech, I wrote another couple chapters of Pathfinder Ponies.

In Onwards and Downwards, the party pushes through the kobold defenses in search of their ultimate goal -- whatever treasure the kobolds might be hiding. Oh, and an explanation of why they're harassing the pass, although they sort of already got that last time.

Then in Trapped in a Box, the party spends a nice, uneventful period of time with no problems not of their own making. Also, Rarity reads a book.

...it took me 121 games to get 30 points for the MWO Challenge, over the course of two weekends. Each game is ~10 minutes long on average. That is a lot of MWO. x.x

Actually, let's see... they give timestamps for the games. Adding it up, it was 6 hours on the first weekend, and 10 hours the second weekend. Urgh.
Tags: story
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