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The Banner Saga kind of sucks

I got it on sale because it got really good reviews, but I'm sort of hating it.

The combat system is awful. The characters have abilities that don't seem to really do anything (when you do X difficult thing, Y enemies take 1 damage. Wooooo.) and once you start killing the enemies, they get turn after turn after turn before you can go again, basically guaranteeing that you lose several people in every fight.

In between combats, you get to play choose your own adventure with all the stupidity and randomness from the original books. You get vague choices and half the time what your characters do in response bears no relation to what you thought they were going to do. Or they don't tell you that you have only one choice from the list when logically you'd be able to do them all, so you pick the easiest one first and it fails accomplishing nothing and your people all get low morale and the annoying NPCs berate and mock you for not doing the other option that you were going to try next.

I think I'm done with it.
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