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New ponies!

New communist ponies! Season 5 started today, and it was a pretty enjoyable 2-parter. The second half fell a little flat but only a little, and both parts were sprinkled with the spot-jokes that really make the show for me.

"What would you like to eat today? We have muffins... ... ..." "Is your friendship ending?" "I don't understand. You were disagreeing before, but now it seems like you're agreeing?" Sugar Belle was so cute, whether she was taking their order, questioning why the mane 6 always bicker, or fan-fillying over their cutie marks. "This one's so adorable!"

Starlight Glimmer has a terrible, awful name. And her color scheme kind of sucks, too. She also sort of lost her shit and started ranting at her underlings, ensuring that they would abandon her, but that was after the mane 6 had already ruined everything, so there was really no way for her to win at that point. I do wonder what she was planning to do with all the cutie marks she was stealing, though.

Oh, and during the song: "Nopony has to shiver in fear!" sung at the exact time that one of the cult ponies was shivering in fear as Starlight corrected her dancing and hairdo.

Rarity: "This is horrible! I can't even tell if that curtain is tacky!"
Fluttershy: "I think it's nice."
Rarity, crying: "So do I!"

Anyway, at the end the mane 6 sort of stand around while the townsfolk solve their own problems, which was kind of lame if intentional (Rainbow Dash attempting to fly as fast as she can and being unable to outpace Twilight and company walking was funny though), but the message that they could still be friends with their fellow cultists even after they were no longer identical was nice.

So, yeah. I'll give this pair of episodes 3/3.

In other news, I've been neglecting to post about pathfinder ponies again. Three new chapter:
Gather Information, where Applejack is a much better spy on her own than with Rarity trying to tag along.
Smash and Grab, where the party executes a cunning plan, with only one little hitch.
and Smuggler's Run, where, um, they kind of walk into a tunnel and fight some stuff.
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