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Clear Skies Forever

On today's episode of My Little Pony, we learn that Rainbow Dash can sing. And cause millions of bits in property damage. But it's for a good cause: otherwise, she'll be bored!

The descriptions of her plans with Tank were cute, especially because they were from Tank's point of view as he dozed off while hearing about them.

It's always neat to see the ponies working to change the weather, from the running of the leaves to the teams hauling the storm clouds from Cloudsdale. Which apparently wanders around Equestria bringing winter to one town at a time. Is it ever winter everywhere at once? Three months is a pretty long time, so it's possible.

And I'll fly!
And I'll fly until the end of the sky!
So that I won't be the one who has to say goodbye.

I'll clear the skies forever
so we won't be apart.
I'll keep the weather warm for you
and the winter will never start!

Fluttershy... this is all your fault. ALL YOUR FAULT. You knew Tank was going to hibernate when you all-but-forced Rainbow Dash to pick him. You knew Rainbow Dash was like this. That's why you were so ready to give her the harsh truth -- it was your plan ALL ALONG.

Rainbow Dash goes to the ends of the Cloudsdale Weather Factory insurance policy before she breaks down and cries over the inevitable.
Fluttershy is pragmatic and unaffected by the nature of reality, but ultimately can't stand seeing her friend sad.
Pinkie and Rarity are drama queens.
Applejack cries on the inside.
Twilight Sparkle continues to be heavily medicated.

Seriously, though... this episode was obviously about death. The plot was the standard mad scientist re-animator tale, with Rainbow's plans getting more and more extreme until they blew up in her face, and then the end was a demonstration of how to be respectful to someone who just lost somebody.

"So... are you ready for some winter fun?"
"Not just now... I think I'll sit and read to him for a while."

Overall, a really good episode. 3/3
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