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Rodeo. Yay.

In today's My Little Pony, I discovered that I don't like rodeos, or clowns, or rodeo clowns, which would have ruined the episode but it was already bad.

The only joke was "I called for a meeting, not a mob scene!" and the follow up where they switch back to a mob scene later. The rest was slapstick, I guess? And Troubleshoes being mopey.

There was no tension, though, just Applebloom getting preachy, because she's apparently an expert in cutie marks now.

And he totally ruined the clowns' routine.

I guess the general idea of the episode wasn't bad, but I'm not a big fan of western settings and... well... the execution was kind of blah. There was nothing for me here.

Also, since when did Appleoosa have a giant dark scary forest? Was that supposed to be the apple orchard?

So, yeah. 1/3.

In other (pony) news... more chapters of Pathfinder Ponies:
Power of Prayer, where the party finally interrogates their hostage.
Field of Battle, where they lead an army to destroy a horde of undead.
Reserve Force, where they leave the army behind to face down a horde of zebras.
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