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The lost treasure of Griffonstone is...

...exactly what you'd think. Unless you're Rainbow Dash.

Baking powder! No, wait. Gilda.

I'm pretty sure even without the synopsis spoiling Gilda's involvement, 'Rainbow and Pinkie specifically are sent to the land of griffons' would have been a big hint.

Twilight is adorable convincing herself that she really doesn't want to go. Maybe she'll tag along on their next trip? And spontaneously combust when she sees the library?

Dash is kind of annoyingly grumpy. "Ehh. Fine." "That's the spirit!"

So they go to a third world country and it's a dump. Rainbow, of course, wants to go on a dangerous treasure hunt, because that's what she always wants to do. Pinkie Pie wants to throw a party. The real solution turns out to be... baking?

"Grandpa Gruff's recipe is good, but it's missing one important ingredient."
"Let me guess, friendship?"
"Um... no. Baking powder."

The moral of the story is that to make friends, you should bribe them with food. It's cheap! And it takes time to eat, so they have to stick around and talk to you until you run out.

"Woah, Pinkie. That was... really sappy."
"That's how I roll!"

It's probably a good thing that they lost the idol... it was probably some sort of cursed mind-controlling artifact, like a Crown of Command. Everyone knows a Crown of Command Economy never works in the long run.

At any rate, it was a pretty good episode with an adorable performance by Twilight (and Gummy), and I think I liked it better the second time I watched it. The flashback was a little offputting and there were a couple other parts that fell flat, but overall I think it's still 3/3.
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