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Yesterday's episode of My Little Pony was much, much better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be a cringe-worthy parade of references to fan interpretations of various background ponies, and it was, but it was also funny.

Well, most of it. The Sparkler part that they put in one of the promos was still kind of bleh in context, and I continue to hate both Octavia and Scratch who had a huge scene that went on for way too long. The latter was broken up by (1) some actually impressive music (the third try) before they descended into stupidity and 'wubs', and (2) Gummy's monologue. So that helped.

Time Turner as The Doctor was amusing -- not a time lord or even a time traveler, but a mad scientist who had the Doctor's personality and wardrobe.

"I was working on a time machine. I had an idea -- instead of going back in time, why not bring time forwards to us! It was my life's work... but then it turned out there was a magic spell for that. Go figure."

So, yeah -- I expected to hate that part but they made it work.

...still not so hot on the bowling.

Ditzy was cute in all her parts. Steven Magnet (apparently that's really his name) was amusing. Especially when he loomed over Matilda and terrified her.

"I guess I kind of assumed you were pony."

And... Bon Bon. Her story made no sense, but it was still fun to watch her go find a crowd to blend into so as not to put anyone in danger, since she was the one the Bug-Bear was hunting for.

So... yeah. The stuff I expected to hate was there, but I only hated about half of it, and there was a lot of really funny stuff to compensate. So I'll give it a 2/3.
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