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Princess Ugh

Aka, 'Spike Ruins Everything, take 4'.

Worst. Episode. Ever. Except for Equestria Games, because at least this time he didn't sing.

The progression goes:
(1) Spike does some stuff to keep things quiet, as requested by Princess Cadance. He says that it's Twilight's orders, but he *is* under orders of a princess so whatever. This stuff is all legitimate.
(2) Spike pretends to ask Twilight about the answers to some random questions, but in reality lets her sleep and answers them himself. This is quasi-legitimate, since he's still under orders from Princess Cadance to let her sleep.
(3) Spike goes on a power trip and does a bunch of stuff that's completely corrupt.
(4) Disaster follows... the decisions he made in step 1. None of the other stuff has any real consequences.

So even if he hadn't gone power-mad, the disaster still would have happened. Karma, you suck.

0/3. Really don't want to watch again.
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