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New (pony) story... also, yaks

Lyra tries to save herself from the Mirror Pool. Twilight helps. Kind of. It's another story in the whole series of stories starting with Dragons Hate Taffy and/or Feed the Reaper depending on where you count.

Reforming Spell

So far, everyone hates it. Maybe I didn't put in enough sex.

Also... there was a new episode of My Little Pony this week, which was much better than last week's. This was not a high bar.

The yaks were pretty funny. Obnoxious, of course, but maybe I just like watching them smash everything.

The nervous faces when it was obvious nothing was going right were... kind of disturbing, really.

"It's... good?"
"Eh, could be better."
"It's not really very good."
"It's a disaster!"

"We panicked and planned our own party." "It's sort of panic themed."

I thought you all learned not to try to plan parties back in Party of One?

Pinkie's adventure was most amusing in fast-forward. "And then the Wonderbolts rescued us and we went to Manehattan and..." The parts that were played out weren't distractingly bad at least? But it was the rapidfire narration that made that sequence.

...she did bring back and authentic Yakyakistan sled, though? I guess she only had one and there were three yaks visiting, so it just would have made them smash more stuff.

Then of course, the party cave. Huh. It had some funny stuff happen in it but I'm not sure I really like the concept itself.

"So, um... do we walk back up the slide? Or what?"

At any rate, it was a pretty good episode that made me laugh a lot, but it got a bit repetitive. 2/3.
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