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Amending more Background Ponies

This week's episode of My Little Pony is all about background ponies. Albeit ones with previous speaking roles. Except for the main one who hasn't been seen since G1.

Ouch. Just, ouch.

"Um... what were my friends' names again, Spike?"

"Yeah, you were a terrible friend, but we were used to that, so we didn't take it personally."

"We see you all the time. Lyra moved to Ponyville, so we're always stopping by visiting her, but since you never noticed or talked to us we figured you'd moved on."

Sorry, Lyra, you already had a speaking part this season so you don't get to join in their reindeer games this time.

"We really thought Moondancer was coming out of her shell with that party she threw. Oooh, right. You missed that one. Well, after you left we just sort of drifted apart."

Because, you know. Twilight was the other introvert in a circle of otherwise giggly happy party ponies.

"You think this party can make up for everything? I was humiliated!"

...did Twilight hand (well, horn) Moondancer the piñata stick specifically to give her something to hit her with? Because I really thought she was going to hit her with it.

So, yeah. It started with a ridiculous fluffy premise, that seemed to be going waaay too well due to Minuet's bubbliness. And then suddenly, Moondancer. x.x

Anyway, it was a very cute episode with some real emotion and an appropriate level of world-building. Not a lot of jokes per-se, but some visual humor. I think I'll give it 3/3.
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