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Luna's Imaginary Friend

On this week's episode of My Little Pony, nothing happens. Most of the cast sleep through the entire episode.

...because it all takes place in dreams, of course.

The monster designs.
Rainbow Dash's modified dream.
Fluttershy's unmodified dream.
Eldritch Horror Giant Alicorn Tantabus.
"You don't have to put in the yawns." *crosses out the yawns*
The overall idea behind the plot -- that Luna created a NIGHTMARE SHADOW DEMON to help her torture herself and it got a little out of control.

Spike tried really hard to ruin the episode. Really, really hard. He didn't quite succeed, but it was a good effort.
"This is simply divine!" is getting really old and sets my teeth on edge whenever I hear it now.
The power pony outfits did NOTHING. Rainbow Dash and Applejack already have the power to make tornadoes and catch things in lassos.

So, yeah, just some quibbles. Overall, though, it just didn't gel into something awesome -- the pieces were neat but fit together awkwardly. I'll give it 2/3.
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