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No, I didn't miss the 14th episode of season 5. I've just been really forgetful lately. v.v So, let's talk about 14 and 15.

Episode 14: Rarity does stuff. Yay.

Did I ever mention how much I hate Rarity? Because it's kind of a lot, although she's been getting less aggravating as time goes on at least. And this episode was about her getting beaten up and suffering, so yay?

Also, Sassy Saddles makes her look good by comparison, because she is the worst pony ever.

I did think that 'Reign in Stain' was clever -- it was a terrible, terrible name for a dress, but one I can see Rarity coming up with since she has only yes-ponies and Spike.

And it looks like Sassy didn't intend for Rarity to suffer *quite* so much, although the suffering was intentional. She expected Rarity to enslave her friends again, then realize that she needed to hire additional workers since they couldn't keep working for her permanently. Instead, SUFFERING. But it all turns out the same in the end, right? Nope! Rarity's capacity for spite is limitless!

Honestly, though -- does she actually intend to sew every dress herself forever? That doesn't sound like a winning strategy.

The only scene that I really enjoyed was the payoff scene where all the ponies came for the sale and validated Rarity's confidence in her own designs. It really worked.

Except for the giant fat pony. What.

Episode 15: Rarity does EVEN MORE stuff.

WHYYYYYY? Why two Rarity episodes in a row? Rarity + Wonderbolts being evil! Surprisingly, Rarity was actually fairly inoffensive this time, because she was completely out of character and channeling Pinkie Pie.

Seriously. She was Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie and Twilight. Pinkie Pie + Twilight Sparkle = Rarity, now.

I mean, it's not that I don't like it when characters are kind of silly and get waaaay too into their fantasies, but it's been done before in the show a couple of times, and it was always Pinkie Pie's shtick.

"Even I think I did it at this point. Do you know what I do when I'm asleep? Because I don't!"

Also, magical flowers growing in distant mountains is apparently a thing in Equestria, because this is the second time someone had to fly off and get one and nopony thought for a second that it might be a ruse either time. Clearly, the Flower Trio are slackers and need to get with the program.

And I guess Soarin is in charge now? Maybe he's only in charge while Spitfire is away. Or maybe he got promoted after she acted like a dick too many times. o.o;

Overall... too much Rarity. But the first episode had a good payoff scene at the end, and the second episode she was actually Pinkie Pie in disguise, so I'll give them each 2/3.
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