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No longer a Rarity

So much Rarity...

So sick of Rarity...

Eh, the episode had lots of AJ too, at least.

Twilight is bored of reading. I mean, *I* get bored of reading, but Twilight? And there's really nothing else she can do? I guess she just got fixated on going and fighting a horrific monster and nothing else really appealed to her, even if it was something she'd otherwise enjoy. That happens to me all the time.

And yet again... if she's so eager to visit all these places, why doesn't she? I mean, sure, maybe not RIGHT THEN since the map picked the other two specifically, but why not go visit Griffonstone while Rarity and AJ were in Manehattan? It's not like she has actual duties that she'd have to put on hold. Or maybe she does and they just never show them?

Maybe Celestia started auditing her travel stipend?

Right. Actual episode. Rarity and Applejack decide to wander around aimlessly to find the problem instead of looking up the ponies in the city they actually know, which would have gotten them to the point instantly. Contacts, people!

It probably actually was fate, though. Since they're being sent by a thing that controls fate. It doesn't take a huge amount of probability manipulation to smack someone in the face with a loose flyer.

So, they try and fail, and then the best line of the episode:
"It won't be anything big or fancy, but it'll be something. And something's got to be better than nothing, right?"
"I suppose so."
"That's the spirit! Sorta."

Well, that or "did your cutie mark light up indicating a job well done?"

Yeah... kind of slim pickings, quote-wise.

The play about the backstory of the episode was kind of lame, but it's par for the course for the show's depiction of fiction. Fluttershy only sang one song with the Ponytones, and it was a song about singing.

But overall, the episode was fun and the payoff scene at the end was actually kind of heartwarming without being too anvilicious. Still, it featured Rarity, so I can only give it 2/3.
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