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The One Where Twilight is a Dork

Other than that, this week's MLP was pretty good. But OH MY GOD THE PAIN.

And normally I like her being dorky, but "Hi I'm the princess of friendship! I will now solve your problem by speaking one sentence!" Really?

She is, uh, she is not a psychologist. So having a bunch of theoretical friendship knowledge isn't very helpful. Still, ripping out and crumpling up pages because they didn't work in one specific situation is a bit much! Maybe that was just the working portfolio for the trip or something.

They kept asking her "Are you a spy?" The correct answer was 'yes' -- she was only there to gather information. But one of the legal spies, you know. An ambassador.

Good parts:
Animal book club.
"Reload the tomato slingshots! We're going to paint their mountaintop red!"
Twilight finally figured out how to stop time! Kind of.
"Pumpkin pies... Pumpkin fritatas... actually, that sounds kind of good. But it'll get old!"

I also liked the back and forth about what they wanted, although it seemed to be naturally leading up to 'resolve the dispute through some harmless sporting event' since they both just wanted to be 'the best at winning'. The 'do it for the animals' bit seemed to come out of nowhere.

So... huh. It was fun but there were some logical flaws and really grating issues, so I'll give it 2/3.
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