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The Return of Applejerk

On this week's My Little Pony, a famous(?) singer was hired to do some voice acting and singing for the episode. She actually did a really good job! But what about the episode?

Svengallop was not quite as bad as Spike was in Princess Spike, as far as making demands for himself in the name of his boss. I mean, the final straw that got Rara to slightly raise her voice at him was a spa treatment of all things!

...and, yeah. At no time did she actually fire him or tell him to leave. She slightly raised her voice at him and told him that she actually did like charity work, and he walked because, um, I guess he was planning to teach her a lesson by having her fail without him? And then she'd come crawling back?

Unfortunately for him, unplugged concerts are a thing so she just did one of those.

So, yeah. The conflict in the episode was that Svengallop was a jerk and Applejack tried to pull rank with Rara to get him fired and was a big jerk about it, and got told to go buck herself 500 pre-cored, pre-peeled apples like Svengallop wanted. But then Applejack apologized and they had a sting operation and, yeah.

So, here's the thing. All the songs were good. Even the evil song was good. The singer they hired for the episode can actually sing, and the non-singing parts were well-acted too. The character was cute, and I mean her mannerisms here ("hoofsies!"). There were even plenty of little jokes and details to keep you interested. It was fun to watch a second time.


So I guess it's 2/3 because nothing really happens and the part with the thing and the other part with the same thing were annoying, and also the only real plot points.
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