Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Games... part 2: Fallout

The next game I don't know why I enjoy is Fallout 4. The plot is... there. The gameplay is... there. The world is... there. The character customization exists. Somehow, though, it's really compelling, to the point where I've played through it twice and I'm in the middle of a third run. The third run being a 'no, I really do hate myself' run where I'm not using fast travel and playing on the hardest difficulty.

Playing Elite prepared me nicely for not using fast travel.

I think what happened is that they filled the world with junk to scavenge, just like lots of other games, and then had all the junk be *actually useful* for making stuff. So it's scratching the same exploration and hoarding itch as something like Terraria. But is also a decent RPG in addition.

They also have some mostly optional mazelike skyscraper or underground bunker areas that are more of a metroidvania feel, occasionally with some bonus treasure at the end.

And you get to take lots of drugs. Who doesn't love taking drugs?
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