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What Lies Beneath

Yesterday was another session of Pathfinder, in which we continued investigating the goblin incursion in the glassworks.

After defeating the ogre magi and the goblins in the main glassworking floor, and finding that the owner, Ameiko's father, was extremely dead, the party met up with Phoof and Ash and the guard they'd found, and were about to search the rest of the building when they heard a commotion from what looked like a closet next to the front door of the building. It turned out to be a staircase down into the basement, and there were definitely goblins down there, since they firebombed the stairs to deter any pursuit.

Did I say deter? I meant encourage. I guess they probably thought they were going to deter.

Noggin was the first one to head down, followed closely by Altei, who gracefully leapt over the fire and less gracefully tripped on the staircase below as he tried to stick the landing and went sliding down the stairs on his face. Kaito forgot he was still resistant to fire and tried the same thing, but managed to land safely, and engaged the goblins waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Elsie and June were right behind.

Everyone else was kind of trapped upstairs unable to do much, because it was a narrow staircase the goblins really were right at the bottom of the stairs. Phoof tried to be encouraging from the top of the stairs, while Zakar, Ash, and Val searched the rest of the ground floor.

The fight in the basement was kind of confused mess. Kaito was blocking off one of the hallways, but couldn't make much progress down it since it was choked with goblins, and Elsie managed to tumble past the smaller pack of goblins in the other hallway branching off from the lower landing, and attacked them from behind. June managed to squeeze into place to line up a perfect Burning Hands down the first hallway... but flubbed his concentration check and didn't actually get the spell off. Altei tried to tumble past four goblins and ended up prone.

Meanwhile, Noggin was around the corner shouting about how the goblins had Ameiko tied up to the back of a wolf and were spiriting her away down a long tunnel. He couldn't follow them because the goblins and a human monk kept whacking him around like a tennis ball -- they couldn't hurt him, but they could keep him from getting past.

The second hallway was cleared out first, and Elsie ran down to see if maybe it curved around to connect. She ran into a wolf and didn't want to hurt it, so she stunned it and ran past. June had been right behind her, figuring she could handle anything they ran across, but when she left the wolf there temporarily stunned he decided to retreat out of sight so that it wouldn't come after him when it woke up.

The first hallway took a bit longer, but Phoof managed to get downstairs finally, and put the last few goblins to sleep. Altei and Kaito ran past them to the tunnel, where they were able to watch Elsie and the monk face off. Briefly. Elsie kicked his butt.

Then they charged down the hallway and managed to intercept the last wolf before it could carry Ameiko off, and brought her back to be healed.

In the meantime, June had finished off the sleeping goblins, and Phoof tried to calm the previously-stunned wolf so that it would stop biting her arm -- but didn't have much luck until June was able to come get it off her. Maybe he looked more like a goblin?

Noggin flew off to scout down the tunnel, while the rest of the heroes took Ameiko upstairs to show her her father. She was crushed. Also, still very hurt, and unable or unwilling to move under her own power. June tied her to the back of his wolf and took her to the temple for further healing and rest, while the others -- including Zakar and his entourage, who'd killed a few goblin dogs on the ground floor and then looted some few remaining unbroken glass pieces -- went back to the tunnel to meet up with Noggin and assess the situation.

It turned out that they seemed to have defeated the entire goblin invasion force. The tunnel led to a cave near a hidden beach, with a now-abandoned goblin camp and a couple of other tunnels leading off to unknown destinations. While most of the party frolicked on the beach, Altei and Phoof searched the dead monk's belongings and found a journal, which was very revealing.

That is, it was full of naked pictures of the monk's girlfriend.

It also said that he was Ameiko's brother -- the one who'd invited her to the trap -- and that he was working with... um... Junei? With the lost daughter of the previous priest, as part of a plot to destroy Sandpoint.

Basically, the daughter had been an Aasimar -- half angel, and her beautiful wings made everyone in the city love and adore her, to the point where they wouldn't stop professing their love for her, touching her, groping her, and trying to pull out locks of her hair or her feathers for good luck charms. After years of this treatment, she was SO DONE with Sandpoint. Done enough to burn down the temple, killing her father and faking her own death. Done enough to renounce her celestial heritage and look into a ritual to turn herself into a demon. And done enough to plot with the goblins to destroy Sandpoint and especially everyone in it.

All the done.

She was the one who'd stolen her father's body -- burning it at 'Feathertop' had started her transformation into a demon, which would soon be complete. There was mention of a 'Quasit' that could help, of some dragony-sounding named person that they wanted to get on their side, and of an army of hundreds of hobgoblins that would soon simply storm the city and take it by force.

"You know, we have a boat," Ash mentioned. "Maybe it's time we cut this shore leave short?"

Before deciding what to do about the army of doom that would soon descend on Sandpoint, some of the party decided to explore the other side tunnels. One of them ended at a brick wall... a very crappy brick wall, that fell over when Kaito touched it since it was more of a stack of bricks without any mortar. Behind it were some creatures that looked like ghouls, but were actually alive since Zakar's attempt to hit them with a healing bomb ended up actually healing them.

They weren't a *threat*, mind you. I mean, they weren't actually ghouls and couldn't even paralyze anyone.

Exploring further, they found a statue of a woman holding a book and a Ranseur, both of which looked mundane but valuable. Kaito tried to chisel them free with his adamantine rapier, but while he could get the Ranseur loose (it was claimed immediately by Ash, who declared that its name was Bethany) the book was too fragile. Phoof magically repaired the statue -- putting the hand back on -- and they moved on.

Half the party decided to explore a staircase that seemed to lead up to the surface, but the other half ran into trouble first -- opening a door near the statue room led to a prison full of undead and more of the non-undead ghoul-looking things! It ended up being a real fight, especially once the undead started regenerating, although it's not an especially interesting fight to describe since the party was glommed together on a small balcony overlooking the prison while the undead attacked up the various staircases.

In the end, the not-ghouls were stabbed, the skeleton was blasted by a firebomb and knocked backwards over the ledge, then punched to death again by Elsie leaping down after him, and the actual ghoul was repeatedly stabbed while it was down to keep it from regenerating, and then locked in a cell to keep it contained.

June and Val showed up near the end of the fight, too late to really participate, but at least they'd be with the others as they faced the rest of the strange subterranean dungeon.

June was sent away because his player (Ed) showed up very very late (5pm, for a game that nominally started at 1:30 and actually started around 2). He was brought back just in time for the session to end... and then Ed revealed that he was missing the next session. SIGH.

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