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I'm not really all that good at strategy games, but I still play them a lot...

Lately I've been playing tons of Stellaris, but the upcoming 2.0 patch is changing everything and I made a weird mistake in the last 1.9 game I was playing (my fanatic purifiers signed the galactic peace treaty because I needed some time to regroup, and somehow this worked -- I was forced to ban purging, but since I'm FP I can't not purge everyone, so the peacekeepers keep feeding me planets, whose populations get immediately wiped out). I can probably eventually win, but it feels dirty to abuse a bug like that.

So... I got the 'rise and fall' expansion for Civ 6 and played a couple of games. The first was on a small map, and I rushed swordmen and wiped out everyone else on my starting continent. It wasn't hard to take out the remaining two civilizations after eventually discovering them.

The second, I did a huge map with 'epic' pace, which actually worked well for a while -- one problem civ 6 tends to have is that you outrace the units and never actually get to use them before they're obsolete. I didn't have that problem!

I did run out of wonders to build and technologies to research in the 1800s, though, which meant the last two ages I was really scraping for 'era score'. I'd already *done* everything, and the 'era dedications' are ludicrously weak sources of points, so my empire fell into a dark age just as I was launching the colony to Mars to win the game. Apparently, winning during a dark age gives you an achievement, but how can you *not*?

City loyalty is the other big gimmick, and it mostly forces you to put effort into holding onto the cities you capture. Or, you can decide not to, and let four cities rebel in the middle of your enemy leaving a self-sustaining cluster of 'free cities' that constantly spawn endgame units and are hostile to everyone. Yeah, Egypt. Suck on that for a while.

Oh crap. I accidentally created ISIS, didn't I.
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