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Burning Down the House

Yesterday we played some Pathfinder, continuing to explore the cabin in the woods.

Elsie opened the door to what appeared to be the master bedroom -- another disgusting room decorated with people bits, this time using blood and offal as paint on an actual easel. The painter, apparently, was a giant blob of an ogress filling up an entire corner of the room as she sat on her bed.

"Intruders!" she screamed, after casting a mirror image spell "Useless children, why did you let them get this far! Come here and protect me, now!"

Three mutilated ogre-like things -- undead? -- rose up from the body-part-covered floor and advanced on Elsie, who responded by going ethereal. She wanted to punch the boss, not the useless minions.

In the dining room, the rest of the party heard the screaming, but wasn't sure where it was coming from. Altei tried to disarm the trap on another door, while Val and Kaito ran back outside to try to find another way to get to the source of the disturbance. Val ended up running all the way around the house and coming back to the kitchen and dining room without finding a non-trapped entrance, while Kaito threaded his way through the traps on the porch to follow Elsie's path.

Seeing no sign of Elsie, Kaito stayed hidden for a bit until he could run in and stab an ogre in the back, killing it instantly. Elsie reappeared in the bedroom, dismissing her etherealness, and punched another one to death, although not before getting clubbed and hit by a Slow spell. Then the two of them converged on the boss, trying to beat her down before she could get more of her nasty spells to stick.

Altei finally managed to disarm the trap on the door, but it led into a different bedroom that (a) wasn't connected to the part where the fight was taking place, and (b) had more ogres in it, these ones slightly smaller ogres that were acting like babies, playing with toys (skulls and other body parts) and charging at her to 'play!'

So she stabbed them to death, with Ash's help.

June, getting impatient, blew down the last door out of the dining room with a scorching ray. That door led to the main hallway, and he and Val were able to get into position to lob spells into the master bedroom, although the enemies themselves were out of sight for the most part. The boss would periodically emit negative energy to bring her undead servants back to life, but they never lasted long.

So he called out "Fire in the hole!" and waited for Kaito and Elsie to get out of range, then threw a powerful fireball into the bedroom. Unfortunately, the fireball decided to follow 2nd edition rules and fill the space equivalent to a 20' radius sphere, meaning that the entire cabin was filled with fire, and everyone died.

No, wait, that's not how it happened. Let me start again.

June called out "Fire in the hole!" and waited for Kaito and Elsie to get out of range, then threw a normal, non-empowered fireball into the bedroom. Unfortunately, the fireball decided to spread a little past its nominal radius since it was in such a tightly enclosed area, and fire washed down the hallway and badly burned June, who'd put fire resistance on several other party members but not on himself.

This was too much for 'Mammy', who teleported away.

While the house continued to merrily burn down, the party healed up using potions and wands since neither of their healers were present (Phoof was back in town watching the rangers, still) then searched the rest of it for (a) the fleeing boss, and (b) the rangers' missing equipment. They found a little treasure on the ground floor and up in the attic, but in the basement they instead found THEIR DOOM.

Or, well, a barbarian ogre with some pet rats. Elsie and Kaito were still searching the attic, so it was mostly Ash, Altei, and Val against him at first in a narrow hallway. After exchanging a few blows (and getting hit by a lightning bolt), he retreated to a hiding spot where he could ambush the next person to come through the door, with a couple of his rats holding the rear guard. They were tough rats, and although Ash hit them with a flaming sphere as well as her axe, and Altei hung from the walls and attacked them from above, partially negating the close quarters, they were doing a pretty good job of it.

Then Kaito finally arrived, leapt down the stairs and completely over the rats, and helped finish them off. Altei turned invisible and snuck into the room, backstabbing the ogre and drawing off half the ambush. Val followed and took the other half of the ambush, then hid in the corner in the back drinking potions while the rest of the party piled into the room to pile on. Even Noggin tried to be helpful, biting at the rats' tails to flank them.

Searching the rest of the basement, they eventually found a very moist, vine-filled room. The 'ogre' in this room was more of a plant, and kept trying to grab them with its tentacles, but didn't manage to actually ensnare anyone before they killed it, and lit it on fire for good measure, since it seemed to be regenerating.

In a hidden room beyond it, they finally found the rangers' treasure -- er, equipment. They talked a bit about how much of the equipment they should actually 'find', but in the end decided to give it all back. They set the house on fire once and for all, then headed back to town to beg the priest for healing and maybe for some replacement potions since they'd used up a bunch.

The healing was free. The potions were triple price. That's how they getcha!

In gratitude, one of the rangers drew them up a map of the fort, and pointed out some of the back ways in and other secrets. It didn't sound like they wanted to come help fight, though.

Me: "I guess we'll have to fight 'Mammy' again at the fort, since she must have teleported back there."
GM: "Who says she teleported back to the fort?"
Me: "I was sure we'd find her in the basement, but she wasn't there. Unless we were stupid and she was just hiding out in the barn."
GM: "You were stupid and she was hiding out in the barn."

Damn it!

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