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Runaway Wizards

Yesterday we played a little Pathfinder, finishing up the battle and discovering why Teleport is a better 'run away' spell than Dimension Door.

So, the party had just managed to kill all the melee ogres in the hallway and an ogre wizard who'd run out to try to get more targets. Things would have been looking up if it wasn't
for the confusion spell she'd managed to get off first, that left Kaito and Elsie standing right next to each other, confused and waiting for random chance to start them fighting. All that was left was the red-haired woman from the basement, who was hiding in a room mind-controlling anyone who walked in to try to fight her.

So of course, Shalalu's dad (an NPC) decided to make things worse by opening doors. He opened the door right next to the confused pair, revealing 'Mammy', the blobby ogre necromancer from the cabin.

This turned out to actually help, though, since Elsie rolled 'act normally' on the confusion chart and ran into the room to punch the ogre lady. She had a mirror image and displacement, but Elsie had blindfighting so that didn't really help. The monk punched her in the face and stunned her, then punched her a bunch more (backed up by some arrows and magic missiles from the peanut gallery) until she dimension-doored away.

"Not this time!" Shalalu yelled, running off to try to find where she'd gone.

Meanwhile, Kaito rolled less well on his confusion rolls and got into a catfight with Shalalu's father's companion. The dad managed to grapple him without hurting him, to keep him from attacking the cat, which turned his automatic 'fight back against melee attackers' into 'babble incoherently because I can't reach my target'. The confusion wore off a few seconds later, somehow with no one dead.

Meanwhile, Ash, Kaven (not Kale), and Altei were trying to deal with the red-haired lady, without a lot of success. Kaven couldn't land a hit on her because she was invisible and using illusionary decoys. Ash had the same problem with her flaming sphere... Altei at least figured out where she was, but still didn't really hurt her.

Evil Red-Haired Cult Leader: "Do you really want to do this? What would it take for you to stop trying to kill me?"

Ash: "I'm open for bribery."

ERHCL: "I'll give you the fort, and everything in it. Otherwise I'll just leave anyway."

Ash: "Fine, I'll take it. The fort is mine now!"

Altei: "What the hay."

Ash: "It's not like we can actually hurt her. We don't even know where she is!"

Altei: "She's right there in the corner."

At that point June walked into view of her illusions and filled the room with webs. This let Kaven she where she was actually standing... and prevented him from moving over there to do anything about it because webs. It also started setting the room on fire because flaming sphere.

ERHCL: "You're going to regret this." *teleports away*

Ash: "What?! I took your deal!"

With most of the fighting over, the party turned to find Phoof having a friendly chat with a gigantic half-giant/half-ogre barbarian that she'd charmed and fascinated.

Ash: "He was in the fort, so he's mine. I want to keep him."

June, Kaito, and Altei started quietly plotting his death, because you never knew when even a long-term charm spell was going to wear off, but before they could even come up with a real plan Phoof convinced him to go home and warn the rest of his tribe about the cult's manipulations that had gotten everyone killed.

Shalalu, back from chasing down and killing Mammy (her dimension door had left her in the courtyard, which had long lines of sight for an expert archer to manage the single hit needed to finish her off), was livid. "No! I'm going to hunt him down."

Others: "Are you crazy? Did you see how big he was?"

But she couldn't be dissuaded, and vanished into the forest after him. The rest of them found someplace to rest, then left the rangers to hold the fort while they headed back to Turtleback Ferry to try to arrange for a message to Magnimar for reinforcements, since the three surviving rangers (assuming Shalalu actually survived) would not be enough. They were also thinking about tracking down the rangers' leader, who (based on some possessions they'd found in a hidden compartment) was probably canoodling with his nymph lover -- they weren't sure what to do about her blindness ability though.

But before they made it back to town, there was a rumbling sound, and then a massive flood of water sweeping down the river -- the ogres or someone had broken the dam!

It was a reeeeeally short session, about two and a half hours. x.x

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