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Video Game Woes

Don't shop at Fry's.

"I only have 9.5 inches of space inside my case, so I need a video card that will fit."

They pretended to look up the sizes of cards on the internet and then swore that THIS card was only 8.5 inches long. But... it was actually 10.5 inches long like all the others and its only distinguishing feature was 'cost slightly more'.

So I came back the next day to return it, but apparently their return policy is 'lol no'.

So fuck those assholes. I mean, it's a given that I'm never, ever shopping there again? But if they're willing to go to those lengths to cheat their customers no one should shop there ever. How else are they ripping people off?

Anyway, since I'm stuck with the card I ordered some extension cables off Amazon and I'll see if I can mount it outside the case. I suspect that this doesn't work and the cables are only relevant for bitcoin miners, but it might?

I was getting a new video card because I think my current one is fried. So far I'm only crashing in one game (Warframe) but it's been steadly increasing how often it crashes in that game to the point where it's now literally unplayable because it crashes at the login screen. Also, it's an old card and other games are kind of klunky in it so an upgrade would be nice anyway...

The crashes are the 'screen goes blank, computer freezes and may or may not spontaneously reboot' which in the past was always a video driver problem, but I've updated the *drivers* a lot and the card got accidentally 'overclocked' a few months back when I started playing Battletech (it had a bug that would lock the card at 100% usage for an indefinite period of time during boot, and other people were complaining it fried their cards outright).

Watch it be something entirely unrelated, though.

Anyway, the other woe is that while waiting for various crap I started playing Pokémon Moon again, and it quickly reminded me why I stopped earlier. Wild pokemon call for help. EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. And they get it about 90% of the time. So if you can't sweep them, good luck ever winning the battle. And even if you can, good luck capturing anything because you can't throw a pokeball unless there's only one of them on the field. Which makes the procedure:

(a) Find wild pokemon you want to catch
(b) Carefully lower their health without killing them
(c) OHKO the friend that they summoned while doing this.
(d) OHKO the replacement friend they summoned immediately after you killed the first one.
(e) OHKO the replacement replacement friend they summoned immediately after you killed the second one.
(f-k) keep doing that
(j) Throw a pokeball and hope it captures them on the first try. If not, go back to (c).

So annoying. x.x
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