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Short Session

Saturday we had a short session of Pathfinder. We started late because of Community Day and later because of traffic, then had to quit early. We almost got something done at least?

Travel back to Sandpoint was uneventful. Nothing bothered the party in the woods (there were some obvious bandits, but they pretended to be legitimate businessmen and the party wasn't interested in calling them on it), and while the mayor tried to cheat them out their expense report, mostly they just did some shopping before hopping on the Snarrot and heading back to Sandpoint.

Where they partied all night, except for the short break to inform the local authorities of the impending attack. Sandpoint was fortified, mostly -- it had a wall, with some siege engines ("Don't use the catapults! Giants will just throw the rocks back.") but it also had a shallow section of the river that giants might be able to wade. Also, no one had any ideas about what to do about the dragon.

Jorgen's Fist, where the attack was supposedly being organized, was way too far for a pre-emptive strike, though, so all they could do was wait. And get drunk.

So they were scattered all over the town when the giants attacked the next morning.

Kaito was closest to the north wall, where the initial attack started, and tried to intimidate them into leaving (or at least into hesitating long enough for the rest of the party to gather) by declaring himself one of the slayers of Barl, the giant king from the ogre cave. It looked like it might be working... until the guards fired their ballista and the giants decided to be angry instead of scared.

He had a brand new bow, though, and Shalalu was close enough to join in, so they pelted the giants with arrows while mostly failing to dodge thrown rocks. Before that could get very far, however, Altei and Elysie showed up and charged into melee.

With only three giants in the vanguard, it probably would have been a short if painful fight, but...

(a) Altei had come after perching on the church steeple, and knew that there were more than a dozen additional giants behind the first three.
(b) Four more giants were wading across the weak point they'd been worried about earlier, and June was engaging them with only some city guards for support.
(c) The dragon showed up.


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