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Dragon Chasers

Saturday we (finally) played some more Pathfinder, continuing the fight to defend Sandpoint.

The dragon spent a while roaring and posturing, so the party had time to wipe out the three giants at the north gate, and pull out their bows to shoot at him when he got close. Unfortunately, the dragon had MAD HAX and flew right past them from 'just barely inside extreme bow range' to 'way out of bow range in the opposite direction' in a single turn.

Thus began the DRAGON CHASE. The dragon would hover for a few turns burning down a building, then move on to another while the party chased after it. Altei and Kaito actually managed to get in melee range of it while it was sitting on the church taunting everyone -- thanks in part to Shalalu and the guards on the wall distracting it with ballistae -- which gave them an AoO when it flew off to destroy some shacks in the northwest past of the city on the next turn.

June arrived about then, having (barely) managed to take out the giants and dire bears attacking the east section while failing to dodge the boulders, clubs, and wagons the giants were throwing at him. He explained that there were even more giants attacking the south side now, and tossed an acid ball at the dragon's head just in time to get nearly bitten in half since he was (a) annoying it and (b) on the way to its next target.

Luckily, when it dropped him in a junkyard at -11 hp, one of the priests from the church was there to heal him. Together, they examined the cliff at the far end of the junkyard and found EVEN MORE giants trying to sneak into the caves under the city, where the Temple of Lamashtu was located. That seemed like it might be the real objective, so June gave the priest a fly spell which let him pop down and Wall of Stone the cave shut -- it wasn't a very big cave, so he was able to make the wall nice and thick.

Up above, Elyssie gave up trying to catch the dragon and ran down south to fight the giants there -- alone, since everyone else was still after the dragon. She ended up in a punching match with an extra-giant giant and probably would have gone down if another one of the town's priests hadn't been secretly healing her while she kept the giant distracted. Eventually she took down her target, bellowing that she was the strongest, but the rest of the giants had reached their pre-set kill limit and were running off with prisoners in their sacks, so she had more to do.

Meanwhile, Phoof's master plan (and/or masterpiece) had finally come into its full power -- she'd started a weather-control song when the dragon first appeared, and had finally managed to trap it under a massive downforce vortex that kept it from flying. On the ground, it wasn't fast enough to run away, and Ash and June bombarded it with lightning and acid spells while Kaito and Altei struggled through the hurricane-force winds to get close enough to stab it.

Eventually, it went down, and June congratulated them on killing the obvious distraction. Maybe they wanted to go fight the actual giants now?

So Kaito and Altei leapt off the cliff to stab the giant below.

GM: "Are you sure you want to do that?"
Kaito: "Why wouldn't I? I mean, how high is the cliff?"
GM: "160 feet."
Kaito: "...oh. Well, sure. I've still got Boots of the Cat. That's minimum damage, and I'm raging so I have DR and some temp HP left... I'll take 5 points."

So Kaito and Altei leapt off the cliff to stab the giant *160 feet* below, screaming 'Death from Above!' The giant, helpfully enough, died. Unfortunately, there was at least one more giant who'd gotten inside the cave before the wall of stone went up. Fortunately, he seemed more interested in bashing his way out, so the two decided to wait for him to do that so that they could kill him too.

We stopped there, with some mop up left to do. The dragon was an obvious distraction but a *really good one* since he was distracting us from the giants taking prisoners by *burning down entire buildings* with people inside them. Hard to say that focusing on him was the wrong choice.

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