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Scattered brains

Yesterday, I was thinking of making one of those 'lj trading cards', but it just didn't seem worth the effort. Maybe if it filled in the fields automatically, or alternatively, if you could, say, print out the cards and use them to contact people while offline. Or if there was a game to play with them, like Magic the Gathering.

No, I will not make an MtG expansion for lj, even if anyone else is still playing that game. User-made MtG expansions almost always suck. Of course, if anyone wants to play using Apprentice... well... I guess I've got enough contact info listed to get a message to me, if I'm online and NOT AT WORK (that means 'it's night or a weekend'), and I'm usually up for (/desperate for) a game.

Finally, shadesong was talking about BDSM, at length, so let me just say:
B: Yawn.
D: Grrr. Die.
M: Creepy.
S: [innocentwhistle]

That is all. You may go.
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